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Solar Controllers

Solar Controllers
SKU: MZ009384
Description:1. Build-in industrial micro chip2. LED display, showing working status3. Full 3-stage PWM charge management4. Buil-in short-circuit protection, open-cirouit protection, reverse protection, over-load protection5. Dual MOS Anti-backfilling circuit, low h..
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SKU: MZ009353
Features:- 6V Solar Panel  - High conversion rate, high efficiency output- Excellent weak light effect- Suitable for charging cellphone and small DC batteries- Build your DIY powered models, solar display , solar light and solar toys, etcNote:1. The light is stronger, the output voltage will be high..
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SKU: MZ009351
Description: 10/20A 12/24V Auto Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller PWM Battery Charging   Features: 1.Solar controller has specifically designed to meet the needs of the rural electrification market. 2.The low cost resulted from using the latest ele..
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SKU: MZ009324
Features: 1. Imitation massage: Designed with massage balls, to clockwise and anticlockwise kneading/shiatsu massage;light and heavy kneading: Warm glare 2. Wavy curve design: Fit the cervical spine, relax and enjoy, Waist curve also fit, 3. Warm feeling hot: Constant temperature heating, give you w..
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SKU: MZ009291
   Main Features:   ● Industrial-grade master chip, 16 AD sampling accuracy, temperature, charging current,discharge current accurate real-time display, power generation at a glance.  ● Automatic focusing MPPT tracking charging, high charging efficiency, ..
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SKU: MZ009260
 Feature: Used to charge mobile phone, MP3, pad, or other USB-charged device.Double USB female port, easily charge device via USB charging cable.You can place the panel in the sun and use it to directly charge your device.Great for outdoor cycling, climbing, hiking, camping..
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SKU: MZ009220
Description:--The brushless submersible pump adopts hall element with high sensitivity and low power consumption, and it is driven by efficient and intelligent electronic circuit, and the volute design in fluid mechanics is adopted for the impeller cavity to reduce the water flow resistance, so..
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SKU: MZ009202
Features:1. PWM battery charging.2. Build-in industrial micro chip.3. Big LCD display, adjustable parameter.4. Adjustable controlling parameter of the system.5. Dual MOS Reverse current protection, low heat production.6.Build-in short-circuit protection, open-..
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SKU: MZ009171
Features: 1.High-efficiency Work: Small And Compact Dehumidifier With  500 Ml Capacity Tank Extracts Up To  /250 Ml Daily In Enclosed And Small Rooms And Spaces.Ultra-quiet& Efficient: Built-in Thermo-electric Cooling Technology Operates 2.Without A Compressor Meaning Whisper Quiet Operation In Be..
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SKU: MZ009119
Description: CMG-2420 20A 12V-24V LCD Display PWM Solar Panel Regulator Charge Controller USB Features:  Wide LCD screen display With output switch, intelligent control, easy to operate. Power-efficient,Microcontroller digital accuracy PWM char..
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SKU: MZ009116
   Main Features:   ● Build-in industrial micro controller  ● Fully 3-stage PWM charge management  ● Big LCD display, all adjustable parameter  ● Dual mosfet reverse current protection, low heat production  ● Dual USB output, the maximum current of 2.5A, to support Apple's mobile phone charging  ● B..
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SKU: MZ009107
SpecificationMaterial: Aluminum alloyColor: White+BlackModel: ML2420, ML2430, ML2440System Voltage: 12V/24V AutoMaximum panel voltage: 100V (25°C), 90V (-25°C)Battery Voltage: 9V to 35VNo-load Loss: 0.7W to 1.2WCharging current: 20A / 30A / 40ADischarge current: 20ARate..
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