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Laser Module

Laser Module
SKU: MZ004971
Specification:  Wavelength 520nm Output Power 10mW Operation Voltage 0~7.0Volts Operation Current 0~100mA Operation Temp -20~ 60℃ Material Silicon Encapsu..
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SKU: MZ004951
Specification: Material: Aluminum + Brass Laser Lens Material: 100mW Laser Module: PMA Lens (Acrylic) 180mW Laser Module: PMA Lens ( Acrylic) 300mW Laser Module: Glass Coated with High Permeability Film Laser Wavelength: 405nm (Blue Violet0 Bead Shape: Dot (Variable Focus) Working Voltage: 12VDC (8-..
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SKU: MZ004868
Main feature:1. 100% pre-assembled, plug and play: the machine is 100% installed in the package, equipped with an adapter cable, and only needs to be connected to the Y-axis  wiring of the laser engraving machine to engrave Cylindrical objects, such as pens, water bottle, etc.2. Huge engraving space..
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SKU: MZ004811
Feature:1. Designed for Laser Engraver machine, Laser Cutter, 3D printer, CNC millling, ect.2. 2 in 1 focus, adjustable lens and fixed focal length in one module.3. 7.5W Optical power output, Suitable for engraving and cutting.4. More Safety, Built-in protective glass to protect eyes! Even without w..
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SKU: MZ004778
Main Feature:1. Widely compatible design: The SCULPFUN laser module has a clever and widely compatible structural connection device, which can be well adapted to different laser engraving machines, laser cutting machines, 3D printers, CNC milling machines, etc. It can be installed on a variety of ..
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SKU: MZ004762
Specifications: General Specification Model LA03-5000 Heatsink Material Aircraft Aluminum + Brass Shell Luminous Color Blue Section Size 33mm x 33mm Cooling Mode Heat Sink Groo..
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SKU: MZ004708
Description:This module has a different power than A40640, A40630 is a single LD, and A40640 is a dual LD beam, other capabilities are the same; a square spot can cut up to 20mm thickness;A40640 Laser Module Feature:- Designed for Laser Engraver, 3D printer, CNC mill, Arduinos project.- 15W Optical ..
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SKU: MZ004702
SpecificationBrand: MoonziteModel: LU2-4 SF(Better for engraving), LU2-4 LF(Better for cutting / With air assist nozzle)Luminous Power: 4500~5500mwLaser Wavelength: 445±5nmEngraving Accuracy: 0.01mmPackage Weight: Approx. 450g / 11.64ozFeatures[Longevity & Lower Loss] Higher engraving speed..
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SKU: MZ004587
Specification:Name: 3 Axis Control BoardInterface Port: Micro USBSupply Voltage: DC 12-36VOperating System: Windows 7/8/10Control Software for Spindle: GrblControl Control Software for Laser: Litefires Support Axis: 3 Axis Power Interface: DC5.5x2.1New Feature:Added housing and cooling fan..
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SKU: MZ004476
Description:This item is the original control board of 3018 CNC Router Specification:Name: 3 Axis Control BoardInterface Port: Micro USBSupply Voltage: DC 12-36VOperating System: Windows 7/8/10Control Software for Spindle: GrblControl Control Software for Laser: LitefiresSupport Axis: 3 Ax..
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SKU: MZ004379
Description: 20mW 650nm Focusable Red Dot/Cross/Line Laser Diode Module  Specification:Optical Power: 20mWWavelength: 650nm(red laser)Voltage: DC 3-5VPower Cord Length: 135mm(5.31") Type Beam Shape ..
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SKU: MZ004359
Description:1. The M50 laser module can be installed on any engraver model of the Atomstack A5 series and can be used without any additional setup.2. If you own other brands of engravers such as Ortur, NEJE, Two-Trees, etc., you can also install our Atomstack M50 laser module, which comes with a fre..
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