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Spot Welders

Spot Welders
SKU: MZ001284
Q&A:Q: What is the difference between the Upgrade 1S and the previous 1?A: 1S has added the function of adding your idle automatic discharge, which can automatically discharge to 50% in 5 days and extend the battery life. 1S also optimizes the circuit layout and structure, with better ..
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SKU: MZ001241
Features: 4 in 1 machine.Fixed pulse welding.Constane temperature soldering.Inductive discharging welding.Moveable pulse welding.The whole new inductive discharging weiding mode. It is no need to be controlled by pedal control to weld.It will weld immediately when welding head touch weiding object.I..
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SKU: MZ001211
Features:A. MOS BoardB. Separate PanelC. Separate Shell CoverD. Multi-pulse Control BoardModel: Double-pulse 6Y770   Size: 40MM x 60MM   Voltage input: 3VA12VThe control board of 6y770 double pulse spot welding machine can be driven by multiple tubes, and its performance is stable and clear. It is a..
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SKU: MZ001199
Specifications:Brand: MoonziteModel: 796SDType: Spot WelderInput voltage: 110v-240vPulse Power: 6KW(Max)Weld Current: 50-1500AWeld Volatge: 2.5-5.5VDouble Pulse Time: 1ms-10msFour Pulse Time: 2-20sEight Pulse Time: 8-80msWelding Ability: 0.05-0.6mm NickelSpot Pin Stroke: 10mmFoot Pedal Stroke: 40-50..
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SKU: MZ001195
Specifications:Type: Battery Spot welderModel: 788S-PROInput voltage: 110V/220VACOutput power: 38W(50W Instantaneous) Voltage output: 4.2-36VCurrent output: 0-2A(Max)Power: 3.2KW(Instantaneous) Voltage stability:..
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SKU: MZ001173
Features: The 18650 battery pack assembly process, the spot welder is an indispensable important tool, but ordinary spot welder on the market is bulky and has a relatively high weight.  The common spot welder generally adopts a transformer structure and generates a large amount of heat.  The cu..
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SKU: MZ001162
Features:1. Using 2.7V 100F or 120F capacitor with very low internal resistance, 2 series 8 parallel, Internal resistance: 5MΩ, a total of 400F, not 1600F2. Using 25 square soft AWG silicone wire, lower internal resistance and good feel3. It adopts red copper threaded soldering pen, which has lower ..
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SKU: MZ001134
Questions and Answers:Q: What is the difference between upgrading 1s and the previous 1?A: 1S increases the idle automatic discharge function, and automatically discharge to 50%in 5 days, extending the battery life. 1S also optimizes the circuit layout and structure with better performance. In addit..
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SKU: MZ001129
Features: Good welding performance, high tensile tension, low resistivity.Mainly used in the manufacture of nickel-hydrogen batteries, lithium batteries, high magnification power tools batteries, laptop batteries, battery combination with HM.Nickel-plated Steel strip 50Pcs. Size: (Thi..
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SKU: MZ001127
Features:1. Adhesive cardboard paper for battery pack insulator.2. Better protection to avoid short circuit on batteries.Easy peel and stick         3. It is especially resistant to the corrosion of acid and alkali, tear resistance and wear resistance.Tear strength, rupture work and dynamic strength..
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SKU: MZ001126
Features: 18650 Nickel Plated/Connected PlateMain application: battery connection sheet, lead-out sheet, The product is mainly used in nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries, tabs, power tools, battery packs, polymer batteries, power batteries and instrumentation, telecommunication..
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SKU: MZ001107
Description:This is a kind of fine quality spot welding machine, compact size, lightweight and portable, easy to put into your pocket and carry around with you. 6 gears of output power adjustable, 1-6-1 circulate, welding more accurate. Copper pen rod with 10AWG multi-silicone-wire, humanized sleeve..
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