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SKU: MZ007021
Description: 180-500KG Salvage Strong Magnet With Hooks Hunting Diving Fishing Recovery MagnetSpecification: Material: NdFeB Magnets and 304 Steel Plate Weight: 341g/510g/710g/1041g MAX Pull Force:500KG/300KG/250KG/180KG Diameter: 47.6mm/60mm/75.1mm/80mm Length of Rope: 10m*6mm Color of Rope: Dark..
Ex Tax:$20.99
SKU: MZ005961
Description:200-600KG Double-Sided Powerful Salvage Magnet Super Strong Pull Neodymium Recovery Magnet Specifications:Material: NdFeB Magnet + steel + rope Rope: 10 MetersOptional sizes: 48mm, 60mm, 67mm, 75mm Size Model ..
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SKU: MZ005894
Description:D32mm 50KG Strong Powerful Magnet Salvage Tool Strong Recovery Fishing Kits Specification:MAX Pull Force: 50KGDiameter: 32mmLength of rope: 20m Features:- The pulling force will maximize when one pulls vertical direction with surface..
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SKU: MZ005887
Descriptions: Pro 220LBS D48mm round neodymium magnet salvage recovery fishing kit + 20m rope  Specifications:MAX Pull Force: 98KGDiameter: 48mmLength of rope: 20m Features: - The pulling force will maximize when one pulls vertical direction ..
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SKU: MZ005796
Specifications:Material: ndfeb magnets and 304 steel plateMAX pulling force: 110kgRope length: 10mx6mmRope color: OrangeFeatures:Multi-use: Fishing magnet is perfect for magnetic fishing, treasure hunting, salvaging underwater, as well as seeking for something old and mysterious. Using the fishing m..
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SKU: MZ005436
Description:32/36/42mm Neodymium Recovery Magnet with 10M Rope Fishing Magnet Deep Sea Salvage Tool Specifications:Material: ndfeb magnets and 304 steel plateOutside Diameter: 32 MM / 36 MM / 42 MMMAX pulling force: 80 KG / 150 KG / 250 KGRope length: 10mx6mmRope color: WhiteFeatures:Multi-use: Fish..
Ex Tax:$12.99
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