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Drill Chuck

Drill Chuck
SKU: MZ002083
Description: B16 1-13mm Keyless Lathe Drill Chuck Self Tighten Drill ChuckSpecification: Material Alloy Type B16 Clamping range 1-13 MM Item Inner Diameter 15.733 MM Item Height 88 MM ..
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SKU: MZ002067
Description:R8-B18 MT2-B18 MT3-B18 Drill Chuck Arbor For Keyless 1-16MM Lathe Self Tighten Tool Specification:Model: MT3-B18,MT2-B18,R8-B18Materials:45 steelFit For: Keyless 1/32"- 5/8" Lathe Drill Chuck 1-16mMQuantity: 1pc (Please note there is only one arbor in the size you..
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SKU: MZ002048
Description: 1-16mm B16 Self tighten keyless drill chuck with MT2-B16 arbor fit for lathe drill MK2.Specification: Material Alloy Type B16 Clamping range 1-16mm Inner Diameter 15.5mm Height ..
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SKU: MZ001769
Description:R8 B16 Heavy Duty Lathe Drill Chuck 13mm Capacity with R8 Shank Precision Integrated with Key WhrenchFeatures: Design: Accuracy: 0.005". Suitable for drill presses or lathes spindle accepts R8 shank. It can hold 0.8-13mm.Specification: Material: 40CR, hardness HRC60. Bit holdin..
Ex Tax:$47.99
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