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SKU: MZ005115
Features: Thermal sensing probe with wire. Extreme high heat heavy duty wire. Regulates temperature by adjusting air and pellet flow. Specification: Color: As the picture shown Length: 58 cm For Green Mountain Grille GMG P48/P-1036  ..
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SKU: MZ005016
Features: Exposed tip for fa-st resp-onse. Fits all our temperature controllers. Allows forming and bending of the thermocouple without the risk of cracking. The yellow male plug of the front end opening, high temperature resistance, insulation. This item has..
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SKU: MZ000197
Description: This oxygen sensor 234-4209 universally adapted to various models.Specification: Other Part Number: REA9118 OS5033 SG1273 Manufacturer Part Number: 234-4209 Other Part Number # 2: 250-24200 C5010-100824-ND Interchange Part Number: AP4-102 OS2106 KN4-102 2344209 Air-fuel ratio ..
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