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PH Test Strips

PH Test Strips
SKU: MZ005130
Description:Helps to know the water quality of your aquarium, offer your fish a clean environment.Specifications:Chlorine TesterContent: 1X Test Tube + 1X Test SolutionTesting Times: Above 50 timesTesting Range: 0.05 - 1.0mg/L NO2 TesterContent: 3X Test Reagent (containing test powder)Testing Times:..
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SKU: MZ005085
100PCS/Box PH Test Strips Precision Four-color Comparison 0-14 PH Measuring Drinking Water Quality StripsFeatures:- Four colour detection, high sensitivity: compared to three-colour detection, the simple four-colour pH test strip is moderately long. Each strip is approx. 8 cm tall. Detection makes i..
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SKU: MZ005076
Description: This Chlorine Test Paper provides a simple, reliable, and economical means to measure the concentration of available chlorine in sanitizing solutions.The Chlorine Test Paper measures total available chlorine from 50-2000ppm, and give results in just seconds.Rapid quantitative detectio..
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SKU: MZ005049
Specification:Strip Total Length: 5m / 16.4 ftScale Reads From 1 to 14 Features:- Appropriate for testing alkaline or acid level of any liquid.- The test strip color changes must be matched with the PH scale color chart within about 15 seconds.- Great product to have in every la..
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SKU: MZ005039
Specification:Strips: 100 StripsScale Reads From 1 to 14 Features:- Measures pH values in the full range of 1 to 14- Precise precise color matching. The color chart has pH matches at full range.- Color chart clean measurement and clear results cost-effective and easy to use.-..
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