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Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer
SKU: MZ004158
Specification:Model DT8380DMeasuring range-50℃~380℃(-58°F~716°F)Temperature measurement accuracy±2% or 2℃Measuring distance ratio12 : 1Emissivity0.1~1.0Long response time and response value 500ms & (8-14) umRepeatability±1% or ±1℃Resolution0.1℃ or 0.1°FStorage ambient temperature -20~50℃(-4~122°F)Wo..
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SKU: MZ004148
Parameter:Model: C1Precision: ±0.2°C (35-42°C)Response time: 0.5 secondMeasurement range: 35°C-42°CNet weight: 40gDimension: 50x40x40mmProtection level: IP52Battery: CR2032 button batteryWorking temperature: 16°C-35°CStorage environment: temperature -10-40°C humidity≤85%Battery service life: around ..
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SKU: MZ004108
Non-contact infrared thermometer specificationsTemperature range.-50-380℃/-58-716℉-50-550℃/-58-1022℉Accuracy:±2% or 2℃  Distance Spot Ratio:12:1 Emissivity:0.1 to 1.0 Response Time Wavelength:500ms & (8-14) um Repeatability:±1% or ±1℃  Resolution:0.1℃ or 0.1℉  Storage ambient temperature:-20-50℃(-4..
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SKU: MZ004090
Specification: Model  DT8550HET Measuring range -50℃~550℃(-58°F~1022°F) K-type thermocouple measuring range -50℃~500℃ (-58°F~932°F) Temperature measurement accuracy ±2% or 2℃ Measuring distance ratio 12 :..
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SKU: MZ004078
Features:1. Touchless to avoid cross-infection, remote measuring up to 1.5mm2. New chip processing for faster induction time up to 500ms and higher measuring passing rate up to 50/m3. Higher precision with higher accuracy tolerance up to ±0.3(34~45℃)4. Light prompt and warning soon as measuring fail..
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SKU: MZ004075
Specification:Measurement techniquesNo contact on forehead of infrared thermometerMethod of measurement Infrared distance sensorTemperature Unit℃/℉Accuracy±0.2 (34~45℃)Measuring distance5 ~ 10 cmDisplayElectronic digital tube displayInstall MethodNail hook/bracket fixingPower supplyUSB /4 AA batteri..
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SKU: MZ004054
Please Contact us to download the manual of IR02A/BPlease Contact us to download the English manual of IR02CFeatures:1. Non-contact industry thermometer with 12 points temperature test area indicate2. Temperature difference alarm, maximum and minimum values can be set3. IR02B, IR02C with c..
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