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SKU: MZ008949
Specification: Voltage: 12VReads: From 0 to 8,000 RPMCable Length: About 56cmHousing :ABS plastic chrome plated Features: Easy install, durable,shockproofAdjustable shift light on faceWorks on 4, 6, and 8 cylinder enginesBlack face ,chrome-look bezel , and bright ..
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SKU: MZ008416
Features:1. Cheap cost. 2. Less maintainence. 3. Subtotals can be set to 0. 4. Flow Meter is designed for noncommercial use only. 5. 4 Digit Diesel Fuel Oil Flow Meter 6. It is used for diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene. 7. The easy reset register to 0. 8. The master totalizer registers 9999. 9. Mod..
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SKU: MZ008400
Features:   The tachometer has the characteristics of small volume, high cost performance, quick reaction speed and beautiful appearance. Applicable to a variety of mechanical equipment of the motor speed detection, the use of this instrument can accurately measure the engine and the spe..
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SKU: MZ008167
Description:UT373 is a reliable digital non-contact tachometer used to measure rotation speed of motors and other machines. This device is able to display results in RPM or revolution count. This portable device is able to safely measure rotational objects through a non-intrusive method.Specificatio..
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