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Clamping Tools & Bench Vises

Clamping Tools & Bench Vises
SKU: MZ001680
 Features : Jaws using high-quality high-carbon steel, heat treatment, strong and tough. Clamp body with high-quality carbon steel sheet stamping, anti-tension is not easy to deformation. The use of screw fine-tuning mechanism, adjustable clamping size. Clamp tight, easy to release. S..
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SKU: MZ001600
Features : This crusher is packed in a hand-cranked press, suitable for making soft clay. Can make gradient color sheets, doll clothes hair etc. Play your creativity. The machine has 6 gears to choose from, each with a fixed clip and a rocker for easy use. Pressure mud size referen..
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SKU: MZ001593
Description: 90Degree Right Angle Single-handle Aluminum Rectangular Carbide Woodworking Vise Features:   Purpose: woodworking.Single handle, swing jaw, jaw rotation adjustable. Useful for woodworking, engineering and welding. Slots in base plate so you can fix the vice to a work..
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SKU: MZ001586
Description: Brand: Moonzite™ Max Capacity 4 Inch Structure: F Clamp Material: Iron and Plastic Size: Long19.5cm/7.67" GrIip depth: 3.5cm/1.38" MaxIimum Clamping distance: 10cm/3.94" Weight: 70gFeatures: - More-nimble version of the ratcheting bar clamp - Quick-releasee button - Easy to reverse ja..
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