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Auger Drill

Auger Drill
SKU: MZ001405
Features:* Made of quality material, durable and practical to use.* The material of the alloy head is higher hardness.* The triangular handle is non-slip, the drill bit is firmly and stably attached to the electric drill, and the operation is more stable.* The drill body is finely ground and the lar..
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SKU: MZ001357
Description:9x60cm/9x40cm/9x25cm/8x60cm Garden Auger Spiral Drill Bit Attachment Bulb Plant Post Bedding Planting Auger Tool Specification:Name: Garden Auger Spiral Drill BitMaterial: Manganese SteelColor: BlackSize: (optional)#1: 9x60cm/#2: 9x40cm/#3: 9x25cm/#4: 8x6..
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