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Lab Supplies & Consumables
SKU: MZ008901
4-100 Mesh 4.75-0.15mm Aperture Lab Standard Test Sieve Stainless Steel Dia20cm Specifications:Model: 923129Material: MetalSize: dia 20cm, height 5cm Aperture: Type A :10 mesh  2mm apertureType B :12 mesh  1.6mm apertureType C :16 mesh  1.25mm apertureType D :18 mesh  ..
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SKU: MZ008403
Specification: Size 1mL 2mL 3mL 5mL 10mL Graduated to 1mL 2mL 3mL 5mL 10mL Minimum Scale 0.25mL 0.25mL 0.5mL ..
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SKU: MZ008393
Description: This product match with draft beer machine, beer taps, beer, tower, wine spear, refrigerating machine, through a small barrel connector and wine spear send the beer into the draft beer machine,and the cold by the draft machine,open the mixing valve.Open the co2 pressure gauge, pressu..
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SKU: MZ008062
Description: 10Pcs/Set 50g Metal Hooked Weight Set with Case for Physics Experiment  Specification:  Material: Metal Color: Silver Quantity: 10Pcs/SetWeight Set: 50g Features:1. Suitable and useful tools for ge..
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SKU: MZ008045
Specification:Name:Multifunctional Outdoor Travel Outdoor Fishing Gear Kit SOS First Aid KitType:Survival tools Feature- Portable,durable.- Full open zipper for easy pick-and-place items,easy to carry and store.- Perfect for camping, hiking, travelling, outdoor sports, and unexp..
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SKU: MZ008030
Specification Name: 12/16 16/22 600 Stainless SteelLily Pipe for Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Inflow OutflowMaterial: Stainless steelColor: SilverPipe Diameter: 12mm, 16mm Features1)Suitable for most of size fish tank.2)Made of stainless steel material, durable..
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SKU: MZ007704
Hemostat Forceps Straight Curved Stainless Steel Locking ClampSpecifications: Material: stainless steel Dimension: 12.5cm/14cm/16cm Type: straightFeatures: Made by stainless steel material  Straight serrated jaws with straight or curved 2 types Self-locking mechanism, can be use as a clamp 12.5c..
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SKU: MZ007635
Description: Stainless Steel Metal Drinking Straw Reusable Straws + Cleaner Brush Kit Stainless Steel Straw, Can Act As A Stirring Rods To Use. Then Stay Away From Plastic Straws, More Worry-free Enjoyment Of Drinks.  Features:With Cleaner Brush, Give You The Best Convenient. ..
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SKU: MZ007577
Specification Name:Swabs Material: Cotton, Polyester Quantity: 100PcsFeaturesa This swab is an excellent swab for cleaning parts and assemblies in confined thin groove space where thickness height is a major concern. b Its double layer knitted microfiber polyester head pos..
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SKU: MZ007442
Description 100pcs 2mL Polypropylene PP Centrifuge TubesSpecifications Material: PP (Polypropylene) Color: Transparent Size: (approx.) 11*42mmFeatures Test sample tube with gland to seal and prevent liquid leakage. Transparent, kind of soft and graduated. Usually applied to lab experi..
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SKU: MZ007341
Specification: Scale value: 500g=5N (min scale 0.1N)Features:- 5N Lab Spring Dynomometer.- Calibrated in both Grams and Newtons .- Please zeroing before measuring.- Do not exceed the range of the meter.- Usage: Measure the size of the force, said the weight of the objec..
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SKU: MZ006667
Stainless Steel Metal Drinking Straw Reusable Straws Features:1.Stainless Steel Straw, Can Act As A Stirring Rods To Use. Then Stay Away From Plastic Straws, More Worry-free Enjoyment Of Drinks.2.Choose High Quality Stainless Steel, Using High-tech Workmanship, Health And En..
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