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Intellectual Property Statement

Basic Description

Moonzite respects the intellectual property of others. If you believe that your intellectual property rights (such as copyright or trademark right) have been violated, please fill out the notification form to provide us with information of the alleged infringement. You may seek to notify us of that violation by sending the notification to [email protected]. If a notification is appropriate, we will endeavor to notify you as promptly as possible under the circumstances.

Detailed Process

1. Notify Moonzite

If you believe that your intellectual property rights (such as copyright or trademark right) have been violated, please submit the relevant materials to file a complaint to Moonzite:

You should submit a written notice to Moonzite (please refer to the template of the written notice  given in the appendix). The contents of the notice shall include but not be limited to the following:

(1)Submit relevant materials to make a complaint and notify of Moonzite:

You shall submit a written notice to Moonzite. The contents of the notice shall include but not be limited to the holder's subject information and related materials, your name, contact information, address and license, identity certificate or relevant authorization certificate, etc., which prove your right qualification;

(2) The exact network address of the allegedly infringing goods you requested to delete or remove;

(3) Preliminary certification materials that support the infringement

The evidence for tort complaint should be:

Your ownership certificate, including but not limited to the copyright certificate issued by the relevant authority, the trademark certificate, the patent certificate, the first public publication or date of issue of the relevant work, the manuscript, the original work, The creation time stamp, the work record certificate or any information that can prove your valid ownership certificate of the alleged tort. In case any valid complaints about other civil rights (honorary rights, portrait rights and privacy rights, etc.), relevant valid supporting materials like aforementioned should be provided.

(4) Guarantee

The notice should include the following guarantees:

You undertake and guarantee that the statements in your notice and the relevant materials provided are true, valid and legal, and guarantee to compensate Moonzite if any Breach of your said undertaking. Moonzite reserve the right to remove any links of infringing intellectual property if Moonzite believe, at his own discretion, that the links may violate rights of any third parties or cause any infringemet or damage to Moonzite reputation, goodwill damage, etc.

2. Moonzite feedback

If we believe that your claim may have been compromised, we’ll investigate it and seek to notify you of that development. We will endeavor to help get your problem resolved.

3. Precautions

(1) The right holder in this statement refers to the original owner who owns the intellectual property rights or the agent legally authorized by the original owner, including natural persons, legal entity  or other legal organizations. The intellectual property right include owner’s reputation rights, portrait rights and privacy rights, etc.

(2) In order to ensure the authenticity and validity of the complaint, the written notice of the right holder and other relevant supporting materials shall, in principle, be provided with the originals. If the originals cannot be provided, a copy of that material shall be rendered (the copy shall have the right holder's Signature). If the materials are foreign-related, the notarization shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law, and the notarized materials relevant to the right shall be provided at the same time.

Ways to contact Moonzite:

(1) Scan all of the above paper version materials and email them to Moonzite designated email address: [email protected]

(2) The written notice of the complaint in this statement shall include the notice itself and relevant subject qualification materials, ownership certificates, infringement certificates and other materials.

(3) If the right holder has filed an administrative complaint or lawsuit with the relevant government department or court, please submit the relevant acceptance certificate and the evidence submitted to the government department or the court together with the evidence when submitting the notice to Moonzite, this will help the handling of the complaints.