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Hot Air Gun

Hot Air Gun
SKU: MZ001698
Features:1. Double heating wire, using double high-temperature heating wire, faster heat gathering, and heating, equipped with temperature control overload protection period, and long safe life.2. Optional:Two-Gear A, Stepless B, Digital Display C3. Temperature control chip, intelligent constant te..
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SKU: MZ001308
Features:   1.Uses PID programmable temperature control technology, applying sophisticated PID programming into the machine to adjust temperature. Temperature are stable and small errors. 2.Adjustable airflow ,air flow is large and gentle , temperature easy to adjustment..
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SKU: MZ001280
Description : LS-300 220V 300W DIY Electric Heat Shrink Pistol Power Tool Hot Air Temperature Pistol with Supporting Seat Plastic FIMO Specification :  Model: LS-300Rated  Voltage: 220VRated  Frequency: 50HzRated  Power input: 230V ..
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SKU: MZ001233
Description: 1Pc Nozzle 1mm/1.5mm/2mm for S-993A Electric Desoldering Only suitable for S-993A Electric Desoldering: 110-130V Version,  220V Version  Φ1mm/1.5mm/2mm for opitional. Package includes:  1 x Nozzle  Details pictures:  ..
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SKU: MZ001209
Fetaures:1. Comfortable portable handheld and the Digital LED display.2. Microcomputer control, warming-up quickly.3. Adjust the air flow and temperature control keypad.4. Refer to the instructions included with three kinds of nozzles (big, medium and small) replacement part.5. Would replace the par..
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SKU: MZ001202
SPECIFICATIONMaterial: Plastic, Stainless steelColor: Black+BlueVoltage: 110V, 220V (OPTIONAL)Plug type: US Plug, EU Plug (OPTIONAL)Power consumption: 450WSoldering iron: 60WHot air temperature: Condition temperature 450℃HOT Air Soldering FEATURES✅ Compact design, easy to use and carry.✅ LCD di..
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SKU: MZ001191
Features: 1. Use microcomputer control,warming-up quickly,to  the setting temperature only within 3-5 seconds.2. Digital LED  display,High power,Temperature stabilization and is  impervious to air,Use the brushless fan,and long life and low noise.3. Automatic cooling function for effecti..
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SKU: MZ001159
Features: 1. Has CH1, CH2, CH3 three working channels, and each channel can be set to the amount of wind , and temperature.2. With password protection and key lock function .3. To facilitate real-time operation, with a magnetic switch control lever is placed in the handle ho..
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SKU: MZ001155
Features : With CH1, CH2, CH3 three working channels, and each channel can be set to the amount of wind, and temperature. Password protection and key lock function. Facilitate real-time operation, with magnetic switch control lever is placed in the handle holder immediately into hibe..
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SKU: MZ001137
Features: Compact design, easy to use and carry.The temperature and air volume can be easily and precisely adjusted.High quality engine and heating elementss which can supply natural and gentle wind.Special soldering way without touching the solder joint which avoid the parts moving and..
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SKU: MZ001091
Features:  This is a hot air tool. This specially designed produces a jet of hot air that softens the parts to be joined.Hot air/gas welding is a common fabrication technique for manufacturing smaller items. It can be used for melting materials, softening paint and plastic, removing the stick..
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SKU: MZ001089
Features:1.High quality heating ensure reliable and safe operation.2.The temperature and air volume can be easily adjusted.3.Adjustable temperature, 150-550℃.4. Two gears adjustable air flow, First gear 150-300L/min, Second gear 250-550L/min.5.Power output is stable, fast speed, suitable for long ti..
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