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Voltage & Current Testers

Voltage & Current Testers
SKU: MZ008938
Specification:  1. Current: 0-5A 2. Voltage: 4-30V3. Timing: 0-99 hours 4. Power : 0-150W5. Capacity: 0-999999mAh6. Inner temperature: 0-80 C7. Divide into groups: 0-9 group8.Electricity:0-999999mAh9.Charging resistance:0-999.9 Ω​10.Positive voltage: 0-10V11.Negative volt..
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SKU: MZ008754
Description:This tester is an indispensable tool for your daily vehicle repairs and maintenance. The measurement ranges of 3-60V direct current can be applied to more types of vehicle types, such as 6 V, 12 V, 24V, 48V automotive electrical systems.Features:The measurement ranges of 3-60V direct cur..
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SKU: MZ008565
Description:This product is a non-contact AC voltage detection pen with dual sensitivity switching, with sound and light alarm, flashlight lighting and other functions. It is a good tool for electricians to check and repair.Features:1. Small, light and portable, convenient and easy to use, and zero-..
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SKU: MZ008270
Specification:Product Name: EM1 non-contact smart penBrand Name: DUKAMaterial: PC, ABSDetection Voltage: Approx. 90~1000V ACFrequency: 50/60HzAlarm method: Sound and light alarmOperating temperature: 0~40℃Battery Specification: AG13 Button cellSize: 148 x 18 x 18mmWeight: 19gPackage included:1 x EM1..
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SKU: MZ005135
Features:Small body for easy carry150W/300W maximum output powerConstant power design, providing a combination of multiple ranges of voltage and current settingsLow ripple/noiseOver voltage/over current protectionIntelligent temperature control fan coolingSupport RS232 digital communicationSpecific..
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SKU: MZ005133
Features:UTP1306S DC Power Supply series are single-channel linear DC power supplies with low ripple/noise, overload protection and constant voltage/current features.Specification:Brand: MoonziteModel: UTP1306SLED Display: 4 digitsInput voltage: 220V(can shift)±10%Output voltage: 0 ~ 32VOutput curre..
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SKU: MZ005124
※Descriptions: MDP (Mini Digital Power System) is a system of programmable linear DC power supply based on modular design, capable of connecting different modules for use as needed.Current Functional Modules:Display Control Module,Digital Power ModuleModules in Develop:Digit..
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SKU: MZ005122
If you need only the CT, please check this: >>>Here  Many buyers are response:  Why test data is wrong?  Voltage * Current = Power, But power is less than the actual test voltage * Current, Why is that? Answer: There are three types of power: Active Power (P represents / unit W) Reacti..
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SKU: MZ005053
Specification:ModelUTP3313TFL-IIUTP3315TFL-IIOutput voltage0~30V 0~30V Output current0~3A0~5AOutput power90W150WLoad regulationCV≤0.01%+3mV, CC≤0.1%+5mACV≤0.01%+5mV, CC≤0.1%+10mAAccuracy (25℃±5℃) Voltage <0.5%+20mV <0.5%+20mVCurrent <0.5%+5mA  <0.5%+10mARipple and noise≤1mVrms≤2mVrmsOutput regulatio..
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SKU: MZ005045
Features:1. The motor can be controlled arbitrarily through the button, normally open, normally closed, inching, forward, reverse, speed control, etc.2. Using imported chips, the governor runs stably and reliably.3. The potentiometer knob can change the duty cycle of the governor output, thereby cha..
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SKU: MZ005037
Features:  Universal for: Motorbike Car / Boat / ATV / UTV / Camper / Caravans / Travel Trailer etc.Twist-and-Lock system. Display: 3-bits, LED digital tube, lamp display is Green.It works for 12V-24V. Mini size and easy to install,work great for checking Voltage.Mounts in a 1-1/8"" hol..
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SKU: MZ005033
Description:YB4835VA 0~100V 20A Double Display Voltmeter Current Meter Digital LEDFeatures:  The double table small size, can simultaneously, with the screen display voltage, current.A total of design, which is a measure of the ends of the earth wire and the power supply end of the grou..
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