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Carbide Insert

Carbide Insert
SKU: MZ002160
Description:10pcs CCGT060204-AK H01 Inserts CNC Turning Tool Inserts Used for Aluminum CNC machining tool must be adapted to the characteristics of CNC high speed, high efficiency and automation degree high, the general should include the general cutting tool, the generic connection handle ..
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SKU: MZ002117
Description: Drillpro 10pcs APMT1604PDER-M2 VP15TF 25R0.8 Carbide Inserts for Mill Cutter CNC ToolSpecification:Material: MetalModel: 25R0.8Size: 16x9x5mm Model: APMT1604PDER-M2 VP15TF-25R0.8Suitable for: 20 to 30 degrees machining steel parts  Features: Used for fine machining..
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SKU: MZ001981
Description: Moonzite 10pcs WNMG080404 MS CVD turning tools carbide inserts fit for CNC lathe tools.Specification: Model WNMG080404 MS  Material Hard Alloy Color Purple Coating CVD Size 16..
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SKU: MZ001566
Video:Description: 10pcs ZQMX3N11-1E SP300 YBC251 Cut-Off Grooving Inserts for ZQ2020-3 HolderSpecification:Model: ZQMX3N11-1EMaterial: YBC251Color: GoldWidth: 3mmQuantity: 1 box (10pcs)   Features:YBC251 Carbide CNC cutting, Good precision high toughness, high hard, wear-r..
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SKU: MZ001528
Description:10pcs 11ER A60 Carbide Inserts External Thread Turning Tool Holder Inserts External CNC Blade Specifications:Model: 11ER A60Material: Cemented CarbideLength: 9mmThickness: 3mmQuantity: 10pcs  Features:-Suitable For: Turning Tool 11ER A60 .- High hardness..
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SKU: MZ001525
Description: 10pcs RPMT10T3M0E VP15TF Carbide InsertsSpecification: Model RPMT10T3M0E Material Carbide  Size 10 x 4mm Box size 90 * 40mm(L * W) Quantity 10pcs/boxFeatures..
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SKU: MZ001521
Description: Moonzite 10pcs HRC52 Bule Nano Coating APMT1604PDER NB7010 25R0.8 Carbide Inserts for Mill Cutter CNC ToolBlue Nano Coating, hardness up to HRC52. Fit for milling stainless steel, cast iron, die steel, 45 steel, A3, steel, Q235(HRC≤52) Fit for 400R Face End Mill CutterSpecification:..
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SKU: MZ001519
Descripotion:WCMX030208 Fast Violent Drill Blade WCMX CNC Machine Tool Milling Tools Carbide Insert Secription:Model: WCMX030208Material: Hard AlloyUsage: External Turning ToolHardness: 92Coating: PVDQuantity: 10PCSFeatures:- Inserts can both for steel /Cast ..
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SKU: MZ001515
Description: Moonzite 10pcs CCGT120404 AK H01 aluminum cutter blade carbide insert cutting tool fit for CNC turning tools.Specification: Model  CCGT120404 AK H01 Color Slivery  Coating None Material Carbide ..
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SKU: MZ001502
Description: Moonzite 10pcs SP200 SP300 SP400 PC9030 NC3020 NC3030 Grooving Carbide Inserts Lathe Cutter Turning Tool Parting and Grooving Off ToolsSpecification: Type Model #1 SP200 NC3020 #2 SP200 NC3030 #3 S..
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SKU: MZ001496
DescriptionMoonzite 10pcs WNMG080404 Carbide Inserts For WWLNR1616 / WWLNL1616 Threading Turning Tool Holder Specifications: Brand: MoonziteModel: WNMG080404Material: CarbideMachining Process: finishing and semi-finishingQuantity: 10pcs/box  Features:-Blade has..
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