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Solder Irons

Solder Irons
SKU: MZ009898
Specification:Product Name: Motor speedometerSolding Iron Length: 22cm/8.66''Solding Sucker Length: 19cm/7.48''Color: Blue&SilverMaterial: Metal + PlasticPlug: US Plug Major Repair Issues:1. Inaccurate measurements;2. The meter gives an erro..
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SKU: MZ009874
Features:- Heating faster, thermostat circuit and high stabillity. - Design with temperature adjustable range: 200-450℃. - Energy-efficient, power consumption 70% lower than ordinary . - The handle with high temperature resistance sillicon tube, comfortable feel and high safety. - Suitable o..
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SKU: MZ009785
Description :  BEST-813 30W 60W Hand Type Electric Soldering Iron Electronic Household Tool  Specification : It is using high impedance and natural mica heater, durable and useful soldering tool. There is large heat capacity, fast transfer, heat quickly,..
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SKU: MZ009746
Features: 20-IN-1 SOLDERING IRON KIT: This package comes with soldering iron, solder wire, desoldering pump, solder wick, stand with cleaning sponge, 5 multiple soldering tips, 2 anti-static tweezers, rosin (solder paste), copper wire, scissors, screwdrivers, insulation tape, knife and a hard c..
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SKU: MZ009720
Features:- With a practical soldering position part.- Short heating phase – with LED readiness display.- Ensure safety use – automatic power off after 10 minutes.- Easy grip with comfortable handle and convenient ON/OFF switch.- Long lasting lithium-ion battery charges quickly and provides up to 30 ..
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SKU: MZ009715
Features : 1. 12-in-1 Full kit: This kit comes with soldering iron, 5pcs spare solder tips, 6pcs soldering tool, suction tin device, anti-static tweezers, Y shape soldering stand and so on, full range, easy to use. 2. Heat up quickly: Soldering iron has an special thermostat circuit to co..
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SKU: MZ009702
Description:Unit weight: 0.5 kgProduct volume: 20.0 cm * 19.0 cm * 5.0 cmPlug model: European standard, American standardMaterial: plastic handle electric soldering ironNumber of phases: 2Input voltage: 110/220 (V)Power: 60 (W)Voltage adjustment range: 110 (V)Current: ACTemperature range: 420 (℃)Wel..
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SKU: MZ009662
Features:Length: 1.5-5M optional Plug Type: DC5.5*2.1mm Working voltage: DC 12V Power: 60WHandheld welder for easy weldingPackage Included:1 X Soldering Iron Set(The product type of your choice will be sent when shipping)Detail Pictures:..
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SKU: MZ009656
Features:100% Brand new and high quality!It is very practical and professional.Frameless design with exquisite workmanship.Design with internal terminal block safety wiring and silicone anti-hardening power cord which is so safe for using.Perfect tool for your electronics work.Easy to use and to ope..
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SKU: MZ009638
Features: 1. 900M series soldering iron tip, fast heating, durable,easy to replace.2. Natural mica heating core, heating up fast, long life, can be replaced, easily assembled and dismantled.3. Tin wire scaffold can be disassembled, easy to use.4. With power switch, more ener..
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SKU: MZ009476
Features:   1.The kit comes with a 30W heating pen featuring screw-in tips especially designed for craft use. 2.Wood burning tips are used for pyrography, a decorative process of using a heated metal point to draw on an object. It is possible to engrave on many materials..
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SKU: MZ007850
Features : -60W 220V/110V soldering iron adopts inner-heated ceramic heater technology which makes heat up to 200-450℃ within 2 minutes. -Efficient heat dissipation:Four ventilation holes on the soldering iron and ceramic internal heating technology help it radiate quickly and effe..
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