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Wood Angle Ruler

Wood Angle Ruler
SKU: MZ007374
Features:Laser scale, double-sided metric scale, clear and intuitive writing, not too bad, at a glance, not easy to wear.Stainless steel ruler, surface electro-erosion treatment, high hardness, strong toughness, not easy to rust, beautiful and durableTight body and handle are tightly connected, rive..
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SKU: MZ006337
Features:1. Triangle ruler, protractor, protractor, scriber and sawtooth guide all in one tool.2. Tools suitable for framing, roofing, construction and renovation projects.3. Edge edges are firm and made of strong aluminum.4. Metric and Imperial .5.Sturdy cast aluminum valvee body with clear relief ..
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SKU: MZ006100
Feature:The product is made of high-quality carbon steel. The engraved surface of the main ruler is matt chrome-plated, the main ruler and the ruler frame are heat treated as a whole, and the measuring surface is quenched.Specifications:Size: 63x40mm/80x50mm/100x63mm/125x80mm/160x100mm/200x125mm/250..
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SKU: MZ002989
Description:Multifunctional Square Angle Ruler 45/90 Degree Gauge Measuring Woodworking ToolSpecifications:Product NameMultifunctional Square Angle RulerAccuracy1mmAngle45/90 DegreeMaterialAluminum AlloyMeasuring Range150mmFeaturesMultifunctional, Woodworking Tool, 45/90 DegreeQuantity1 Pc × Multifu..
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SKU: MZ002446
Description:Aluminum Alloy 45 Degree Angle Ruler Inch Metric Triangle Ruler Carpenter Workshop Woodworking Square Measuring ToolsSpecifications:Product NameWoodworking Triangle RulerMaterialAluminium AlloySize1#: Red Triangle Ruler -Big2#: Blue Triangel Ruler -Big3#: Red Triangle Ruler -Small4#: Blu..
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SKU: MZ000828
Description:Moonzite Adjustable 300mm Aluminum Alloy Combination Square 45 90 Degree Angle Scriber Steel Ruler Woodworking Line Locator Ruler DIY Carpenter Measuring Tool Specification:Material: Aluminum alloy + Stainless steelMMeasuring range: 300mmSize(L x W): 30..
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SKU: MZ000820
Description:XIUYI 2 Set Metric/Imperial 45/90° 120mmx120mm Aluminum Alloy Woodworking Positioning Ruler Set Installation Fixing Clip Woodworking Measuring Tool  Specifications:MaterialAluminum alloy, stainless steel screw rod, plastic & brass nutColorRedScaleMetric/ImperialSide123*123*..
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SKU: MZ000812
Specification:Material: Stainless SteelSize: 100x70mmMeasurement Accuracy: DIN875-0 GradeColor: SilverUsed for : Check the verticality of the tool. You can also underline it verticall.Quantity: 1pc Features:- 90 degree angle square ruler.- High ..
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SKU: MZ000808
Description:VEIKO 200mm Aluminum Alloy Carpenter Square Triangle Ruler Woodworking Precision Hole Positioning SquareSpecification:MaterialAluminum AlloySize200MMHole distance2mmColorRedFeatures:1.Solid aluminum construction and corrosion resistant finish for durability.2.Laser-etched markings for vi..
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SKU: MZ000807
Description:Material: Stainless SteelSize: 200x130mmMeasurement Accuracy: DIN875-2 GradeColor: SilverUsed for : Check the verticality of the tool. You can also underline it verticall.Quantity: 1pc Features:- 90 degree angle square ruler.- ..
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SKU: MZ000803
Description:VEIKO Miter Square 45 Degree Angle Corner Ruler Miter Angle Corner Ruler Woodworking Measuring ToolsSpecification:MaterialAluminum alloyColorRed+BlackHypotenuse length150MMBase length100MMBase thickness6MMBase width20MMFeatures:1.Anodized Aluminum Alloy Structure:High hardness, rust and ..
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SKU: MZ000797
Description:VEIKO 100mm/4Inch Aluminum Alloy Woodworking Ruler Precision Square Guaranteed T Speed Measurements Ruler for MeasuringSpecification:BrandVEIKOMaterialAluminum AlloyTypeMetric 100mm/Imperial 4 InchColorRed+BlackThickness2mmScaleLaser Front and Back Double ScaleDegree90 DegreeSize100*90mm..
Ex Tax:$23.99
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