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SKU: MZ008098
Specifications: Color: Red Rated voltage: 7Kv-25Kv Inner diameter: 8/10/12/20mm Material: Alkali-free glass fiber(inner layer)+Organic silicone(outer layer) Working temperature: -65°C~300℃(short-time instantaneous high temperature up to 1650 °C) Application: Mainly used in s..
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SKU: MZ007634
Specification: Colour: Black Material: rubber, metal Bearing diameter:21mm Inner Bearing diameter: 8mm Wheel diameter: 43mm Wheels Thickness: 17mm Axles lengh: 37-44mm   Features: 1. Wear, mute, load-bearing, double bearing, rotating flexible. 2. Sliding effort, without effort, than the original lug..
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