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SKU: MZ007475
Features: Stylish design with a distinctive look. LCD display with backlit display for clear readings. Support test voltage, current, capacitance, buzzer, temperature, resistance, bright screen, HOLD, Hertz. Specification: Measurement methods: double i..
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SKU: MZ006910
Description:ScreenMultimeterVoltage Test PenPhase Sequences MeterMT007Normal LCD Screen √√×MT007 ProColor Screen√√√Specifications:DC voltage: 0.8-1000VAC voltage: 0.8-700VResistance: 0.1-60MΩCapacitance: 10nF- 60mFFrequency: 1Hz-10MHzTemperature: -20°C-50°C/0-122°FDiode: 3.0..
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SKU: MZ006886
Features:[LCD Display]: Greatly enhance the reading experience, the lighted up numbers & letters with black background make it very easy to read, even in bright sunlight or poor light.[High Efficiency]: Single test lead design makes the measurement more efficient, especially for electronic component..
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SKU: MZ006789
Description:Bside ACM91 TRMS AC/DC Clamp Meter Auto-Ranging 6000 Counts 0.001A Resolution Current Frequency Temperature Tester with Pocket Clip Design concept: function integration, test integration.   AC/DC voltage, AC/DC ampere, AC/DC Current (by jaw minimum 1mA), Temperature, Frequenc..
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SKU: MZ006728
Feature: 1. This portable LCD clamp meter features with high reliability, high safety and easy operation.2. Support for measurement of AC DC voltage, AC DC current, resistance, capacitance, and more.3. Support for full range overload protection, a perfect electrical measurement instru..
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SKU: MZ006164
Feature:-- Automatic range and automatic identification.-- Ultra-thin design that fits easily in a pocket.-- Large LCD Screen display, Clear Reading.-- Fully Protection : Effectively prevent multimeter broken due to overwhelm.-- Can test resistance, capacitance, current, frequency, live wire and neu..
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SKU: MZ006062
Description:  Borbede 168B Digital Multimeter is a pocket-sized 3 5/6-bit automatic digital instrument. It has stable performance, high precision, high reliability, clear readings, and overload protection. This instrument can measure the DC/AC voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, dio..
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SKU: MZ005869
Specification:                FunctionRangeAccuracyDC current200mA~400A±(3%+6)AC current200mA~400A±(3%+6)AC voltage1V-600V     ±(1.2%+10)DC voltage1V-600V±(1%+2)Capacitance10nf~100uf  ±(3%+10)Resistance1Ω-40000KΩ±(2%+5)Frequency50HZ-100KHZ±(1%+3)Duty cycle0.1-99.9%±(3%+3)Continuity√Diode√NCV√Tong he..
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SKU: MZ005382
Feature:- The perfect all around tool for working with anything electrical!- Very useful for debugging electrical problems including small power wires, car components, small electrical circuits, and more!- Please do not try and measure voltages or currents beyond what is supported for safety concern..
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SKU: MZ005315
Description:This product is a battery-powered, true RMS, voice-activated automatic range multi-function digital multimeter, with a 6000-count LCD display and adjustable backlight brightness.Features:Equipped with diodes.Voice control function(NOTE:This feature is only available in 60QS)Can carry out..
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SKU: MZ005310
Description:This meter is  a handheld digital multimeter for measuring AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current,Resistance,Triode,HFE,Capacitance and Triode with Buzzer.Specifications:FeatureRangeAccuracyAC Voltage2V-750V+-(1.2%of rdg+3dgts)DC Voltage20mV-1000V+-(1.2%of rdg+5d..
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SKU: MZ004966
Features:▲Ultra-portable tools for advanced electricians. AC DC power can be tested quickly, accurately, and safely without damaging the insulation on the line surface.▲Clamping meters a True-RMS features and 1mA resolution. At the double impedance test voltage. Can respond effectively to the needs ..
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