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SKU: MZ004788
Description :40112302 Dial Test Indicator Precision Metric with Dovetail rails 0-0.8mm 32mmFeatures :Fowler inch/metric dial test indicator with the yellow face is designed to measure surface variations in narrow or recessed areas 0-0.8mm measuring range, 0.0005"/0.01mm graduations, 0-4..
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SKU: MZ004775
Description: The Magnetic Base has permanent magnet inside the metal block body, with the "on/off" or "+ / -"switch to open or shade the magnetic field to hold on the ferrous metal surface or remove the magnetic base. The magnetic base has the screw hole on the top surface to install holderfor..
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SKU: MZ004518
Features:   1. Universal arm, 360 degree rotation, can be fixed at any angle, easy to use quickly. 2. Switch magnetic base, you can move at any time, no reaction, to avoid damage to the table and work surface. 3. The base is equipped with alloy permanent magnet, with anti-loose sprin..
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SKU: MZ004483
Description: Applicable to the comparison method to measure the workpiece diameter, accuracy 0.01mm. This series of internal diameter indicator with excellent guide bridge, self-centering accurate and reliable. One end of the measuring head is the movable probe, and the other end is the changeable p..
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SKU: MZ004363
Features:One-handed operation, comfortable grip, convenient measurementUsing i8 chip technology, high stability, high performance, low power consumptionEasy battery replacementDigital display + scale, double reading display, can be used without powerIP65 waterproofAlloy measuring surface, durable an..
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