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Parting and Grooving Tool

Parting and Grooving Tool
SKU: MZ005114
Description: Moonzite MGEHR 1212-2 12x12x100mm Grooving Turning Tool Holder With 10pcs Blue Nano MGMN200 InsertsSpecification:Hex Wrench Size: 23mmx60mm Specification of MGEHR1212-2 Cut-Off Tool HolderModel: MGEHR1212-2Colour: BlackHardness: more than 40Size: 12x12x100mmGr..
Ex Tax:$22.99
SKU: MZ005112
Description: 1010-2 10x10 x100mm Grooving Tool Holder With 10pcs MGMN200 Insert Blade For 2mm Cut Specifications: Hex Wrench Size: 23mmx60mm  Specification of 1010-2 Cut-Off Tool HolderModel: MGEHR1010-2Colour: Black Hardness: more than 40Size: 10x10x10..
Ex Tax:$15.99
SKU: MZ005108
Description:1616-2 16*16*100mm Lathe Turning Tool Holder With 4pcs MGMN200 Insert For 2mm CutSpecifications: Model: 1616-2 (Positive knife)Material: Stainless SteelLathe Size: 16*16*100mmDirection: Right handInsert Width: 2.0 mm (MGMN200)Suitable For: Semi-fin..
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SKU: MZ005063
Description:Moonzite Outer Diameter Grooving Cutter Bar External Cutting Knife Cutting Knife Cutting Knife Lathe ToolSpecifications:Product NameOuter Diameter Grooving Tool HolderType(Optional)MGEHR1010-1.5, MGEHR1212-1.5, MGEHR1616-1.5, MGEHR2020-1.5, MGEHR1010-2, MGEHR1212-2, MGEHR1616-2, MGEHR202..
Ex Tax:$12.99
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