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Nuclear Radiation Tester

Nuclear Radiation Tester
SKU: MZ004970
Specification:Name:Ultraviolet Ozone Disinfection Box  Model:F22820SpecificationsMaterial:ABS+PCColor:WhiteSize:226*125*61mmInput:5V 1AUV Light Output:2W (Max)UV Wavelength:253.7nmFeatures:It is compact and portable, can be used at home, in office or car, or for travel.Utilizing ultraviolet light to..
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SKU: MZ004713
Specifications:- Detection ray: X, r and hard B ray- Tester: Energy compensation GM pipe (Geiger counting pipe)- Measurement scope:  a. Dosage equivalent rate: 0.08-1000 μSv/h (maximum: 10 mSv/h)  b. Accumulative dosage equivalence: 0.00 μ Sv-500.0 mSv- Energy scope: 50 keV-1.5 MeV ≤ ± 30 % (as for ..
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SKU: MZ004681
Description:This nuclear radiation tester can detect X-rays, γ-rays, β-rays can detect the radioactive dose of marble, antique, jade, sea Amoy products, iodine 131, and various unknown minerals for decoration.Features:1. It has a sound and light indication function2. It has the functi..
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SKU: MZ004629
>>Please Contact us to download the English manual<<Description:FS-600 is a small high-range radiation tester, the main function is to monitor X-ray, γ-ray and β-ray. The tester of this instrument is an energy-compensated Geiger counter (hereinafter referred to as GM tube)..
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SKU: MZ004535
Nuclear radiation is a problem that each one needs to pay attention to, because it may bring some serious consequences, such as disease or even canicer. Our nuclear radiation tester can help you to detect nuclear radiation well, so if you need it, come and have a try, it will not let you down.NOTE:..
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SKU: MZ004531
Features:Large screen display makes it easier to read data, and the buttons are easy to operate.The housing is made of fine quality ABS, which has fine heat resistance and cold resistance, high strength and fine toughness.High sensitivity, wide measuring range, has a long service life.Both electroma..
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SKU: MZ004458
Description:This product is one small type high sensitivity alarm device, mainly used to monitor the X,α, β and γ rays. It has the characteristics such as high sensitivity and accurate measurement. Widely applied in the environment where existing ionize radiation environment, accepted..
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SKU: MZ004425
>>Please Contact us to Download the English User Manual<<Product DescriptionThis product is a small high-sensitivity radiation dose alarm instrument, which is mainly used to monitor X, β rays and γ rays. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity and acc..
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SKU: MZ004332
Description:This is a kind of fine quality geiger counter, with high detection sensitivity, especially for environmental radioactivity  monitoring to detect traces of nuclear radiation. It can help detect the intensity of γ ray and detect high energy beta rays and also can detect electromagnetic wav..
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SKU: MZ004225
Description:This is a kind of fine quality Geiger counter, with high detection sensitivity, especially for environmental radioactivity monitoring to detect traces of nuclear radiation. Interference resistance ability, capable of reliable operation in complex electromagnetic environments. Widely used..
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