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Helmet Mask & Goggles

Helmet Mask & Goggles
SKU: MZ001556
Features:  - Lightweight visor with padded headband and single point ratchet for maximum safety and comfort.- Protective, impact and scratch-resistant lens.- Convenient flip-up visor.- Ideal for use with brush cutters and garden shredders. Specifications: Color: Gray, Black, Gr..
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SKU: MZ001290
Features:1. When the arc is struck, the automatic blackening filter will change from the cleared state to the dark state, and the response time is less than1/25000S.2. Automatic blackening welding helmet Under normal welding conditions, the helmet protects the eyes and face from sparks, splashes and..
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SKU: MZ001283
Features:   --Full range UV/IR protection. --Solar powered auto-darkening filter helmet --Darkness shade control --Charges with exposure to welding or sunlight --Full face coverage Specification:  Power supply: Lithium battery/solar powered Light sh..
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SKU: MZ001275
Features:   -Use for gas shielded welding, tungsten argon arc welding, spot welding. -Double considerations, avoiding the harmful radiation of ultraviolet and infrared rays generated by the arc and the damage caused by the welding glare to the eyes. -Innovative design, super lightweigh..
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SKU: MZ001273
Description:The transparent cover protects the automatic dimmer lens from scratches and damage. Change lens cap regularly to ensure the best working condition, cleaning and protection.Specification:Size: 110x90mm / 108x50mm / 97x50mm / 117x90mmApplication: WeldingMaterial: PCColor:TransparentPackagi..
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SKU: MZ001205
Features:  Full range UV/IR protection.Solar powered auto-darkening filter helmet.Darkness shade control.Charges with exposure to welding or sunlight.Full face coverage. Specifications:  Power supply: Lithium battery/solar poweredLight shade: DIN4Dark Shade: DIN9-13..
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SKU: MZ001154
Features : -Suitable for most kinds of welding mode. -Delay time can be selective. -The user’s eyes and face a full protection against UV and IR radiation during the entire welding process,even in the clear state. -Sensitivity adjustment: you can according your working conditions ..
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SKU: MZ001149
Features:   100% Brand new and high quality. Auto-darkening welding goggles with adjustable shade are designed to protect the eyes and face from sparks, spatter and harmful radiation under normal welding conditions. Auto-darkening filter automatically changes from a light state t..
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SKU: MZ001144
Features : High strong materials and fire retardant,can prevent resistance,anti-aging High definition protective filter you can see the welding conditions clearly when welding the goods.Welding luminosity is soft and comfortable. It works at the moment you start working. This product..
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SKU: MZ001139
Description:This auto darkening welding helmets is designed to protect the eyes and faces from sparks and spatters during welding.Made from premium material, durable and heat resistant, avoid ultraviolet and infrared radiation damage caused by arc.Solar powered/lithium battery powered,360 degree lar..
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SKU: MZ001122
Description : Fighting Hawk Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Mask Arc Tig Mig Grinding Welders MaskSecurity architecture design, international pop style, ergonomics, ample interior space, easy to operate, comfortable to wear, full protection of the face, neck and ears.Features :High stron..
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SKU: MZ001118
Features:1. Cowhide material, durable, excellent heat insulation, prevent fire point splash. 2. Soft sponge frame with good sweat absorption function, fits the face. 3. Combined with magic tape, the mask is closed with magic tape, which is firm and easy to wear. 4. The flip double-layer lens avoid..
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