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Cutting Tool

Cutting Tool
SKU: MZ009141
Description: SNR0016Q16 16x180mm Internal Lathe Threading Boring Turning Tool Holder with WrenchSpecification: Material Stainless Steel, Steel Model SNR0016Q16 Shank D 16mm Overall L 180mm Min.Bor..
Ex Tax:$17.99
SKU: MZ009009
Description: Moonzite 4pcs MCMNN1616H12 MCGNR1616H12 MCMNN1616H12 MCGNL1616K12 Lathe Turning Tool Holder with 10pcs CNMG120408 Carbide InsertSpecification: Holder MCMNN1616H12, MCGNR1616H12, MCMNN1616H12-80, MCGNL1616K12 Shank Diameter 16 x 16mm ..
Ex Tax:$49.99
SKU: MZ008894
Description: 7pcs 10mm Shank Lathe Turning Tool Holder Boring Bar with 7pcs Carbide InsertsSpecification:Model: MGEHR1010-2/ SER1010H11/SCLCR1010H06/ SDJCR1010H07/ SDNCN1010F07/ S10K-SCLCR06/SNR0010K11Material: 42crInserts Color:silver coating Model S..
Ex Tax:$42.99
SKU: MZ008874
Description: 7pcs 12mm Shank Lathe Turning Tool Holder Boring Bar with 7pcs Carbide Insert and WrenchSpecification:Model: S12M-SCLCR06/SER1212H16/SCLCR1212H06/MGEHR1212-2/SNR0012M11/SDNCN1212H07/SDJCR1212H07 Wrench:T15(86mm Size: Holder Shank diameter Ove..
Ex Tax:$48.99
SKU: MZ008860
Description:Moonzite MCGNL1616H12 Lathe Turning Tool Holder Boring Bar for CNMG120404 Insert Specification:Model: MCGNL1616H12Material: SteelShank Diameter: 16mmOverall Length: 100mmDirection: Left HandAccept Insert: CNMG120404 (Insert is not included) Features:Pr..
Ex Tax:$15.99
SKU: MZ008772
Description: Drillpro MGEHR1616 Parting Off Turning Tool Holder with 10pcs MGMN200 Carbide Inserts Lathe ToolsSpecification: Marterial  stainless steel Model MGEHR1616-2 Overall length 100mm/4 inch Insert MGMN2..
Ex Tax:$18.99
SKU: MZ008600
Description:4pcs 6/7/8/10mm SCLCR06 Turning Tool Holder Lathe Boring Bar With 10pcs CCMT060204-HM Insert Specifications:Material: MetalCoatings: Carbide PVDModel: Model Shank Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Min. Bore(mm) ..
Ex Tax:$27.99
SKU: MZ008560
Description:Moonzite 4 Flute BAP400R-50-22 50mm Indexable Face End Mill Cutter With 10pcs APMT1604 Carbide Inserts Specifications: Brand: MoonziteMaterial: Carbide AlloyModel: BAP 400R-50-22-4FDegree: 90°Cutter diameter: 50mmHeight: 47mmInserts type: APMT1604 (10pcs)Sp..
Ex Tax:$34.99
SKU: MZ008550
Description: SRAPR1616H10 Face Milling External Lathe Holder with 10pcs RPMT10T3MO Inserts Turning Tool SetSpecification: Material: hard alloy Color: gray and cooper Toolholder size: 15x15x100cm Inserts size: 9x2cm (Inner diameter: 5mm)Features: 1. High grip strength, impact resistance and stron..
Ex Tax:$19.99
SKU: MZ008228
Description: SNR0010K11 Internal Lathe Threading Boring Turning Tool with 11IR AG60 Blade for CNC Machine More 11NR A60/11IR A60 insert are supplied. Product ID: 1042198Specification: Model SNR0010K11 Material chrome vanadium Sh..
Ex Tax:$11.99
SKU: MZ005114
Description: Moonzite MGEHR 1212-2 12x12x100mm Grooving Turning Tool Holder With 10pcs Blue Nano MGMN200 InsertsSpecification:Hex Wrench Size: 23mmx60mm Specification of MGEHR1212-2 Cut-Off Tool HolderModel: MGEHR1212-2Colour: BlackHardness: more than 40Size: 12x12x100mmGr..
Ex Tax:$22.99
SKU: MZ005112
Description: 1010-2 10x10 x100mm Grooving Tool Holder With 10pcs MGMN200 Insert Blade For 2mm Cut Specifications: Hex Wrench Size: 23mmx60mm  Specification of 1010-2 Cut-Off Tool HolderModel: MGEHR1010-2Colour: Black Hardness: more than 40Size: 10x10x10..
Ex Tax:$15.99
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